What is a Leasing Agent?

What is a Leasing Agent?

While real estate agents hold authority in buying and selling, navigating the complex nature of the Bay Area rental market requires a skilled professional, a leasing agent. Think about a leasing agent as you would a medical specialist. While a real estate agent is a knowledgeable general physician, a leasing agent is a specialist trained to leverage your property as a rental to obtain the maximum ROI.


Who Do Leasing Agents Work With?

Leasing agents traditionally work with landlords looking to find the perfect tenant for their properties. However, real estate agents and relocation specialists also fall under the umbrella of who a leasing agent partners with. They can offer real estate agents advice and expertise about the rental market from an investment perspective for their clients who are considering purchasing an investment property, while providing relocation specialists with opportunities for their clients moving to the area.


Why Hire a Leasing Agent?

Leasing a property in San Francisco isn’t a rocket science. With enough research and time invested in the process any landlord can lease a property on their own.  However, an intricate web of factors holds true for rentals as much as for buying and selling. And the need for an expert to organize and orchestrate the process is equally as important. One must know the local rules, regulations and laws. One must understand the current rental market, trends and shifts. One must know the current competition and have available comps. One must have the time to tour properties at times convenient for the prospective tenants, understand the screening process, approach the challenges creatively. The end goal is to make good matches, but real estate is a long-term investment and having a leasing agent helps you to take the right steps from the beginning.


Working with a leasing agent is putting your investment in the right hands.