How to Find the Right Leasing Agent

How to Find the Right Leasing Agent

Looking for the right leasing agent is similar to any other exploration into finding a professional that you can partner with to reach your goals. No matter what stage you are in as an investment property owner, connecting with a leasing agent should be at the top of your list.


The Best Referral is From a Trusted Source

Start with your real estate agent. If you’re in the process of looking for a property, it’s the perfect time to chat with a leasing agent as well. Real Estate agents should have a little black book that includes a shortlist of experienced leasing agents that they can introduce you to. Another golden referral generator is your circle of family and friends. There is nothing that can compete with an honest testimonial from somebody you already trust.


Do Your Own Due Diligence

Finding the right leasing agent comes with rolling your sleeves up and digging around on your too. Best step in that direction is to scroll through the listings on Craigslist (still one of the top listing platforms for rentals) to see what is available in your area and see what leasing agents are representing those properties. Make sure to look in surrounding areas as well because the people who consider your specific neighborhood are also considering surrounding neighborhoods.

There are a few key things to look for in the ads. Naturally, see what ones are most appealing to you aesthetically. Is the ad easy to read? Does it make you interested in viewing the property? Does the wording flow smoothly and answer all your basic detail-oriented questions about the property? Make sure to bypass any further research into agents that don’t use professional photos.


First Contact

If you spot an ad without the agent’s BRE number or phone number, that’s another red flag that should send you on down the road. Once you do have the contact number, call the agent. Do they answer? Do they respond to your voicemail within a reasonable time? Imagine that you are an investment property owner and this is your leasing agent—how would you expect them to reply to inquiries?


Find a leasing agent from a trusted source and back it up with your own investigation. When you do pick a leasing agent, find one that you naturally and immediately connect with. Whether that’s on a level of connective energy for you, or just somebody who represents themselves professionally and speaks with confidence. In the end, this is how potential tenants will view them as well.