Bay Area real estate agents can generate more business by partnering with our team of leasing specialists. We offer several valuable services that will help you serve your clients better. Led by Inna Rubinchik, San Francisco’s top luxury leasing specialist, our team knows the San Francisco market through and through. We understand not just the desirable neighborhoods, but also proper rents. We are fully plugged into the best offers in the rental market and can help you generate more business.

Bridge Leasing Service

Homeowners often want to change the location or size of their home. The problem is that many, especially in the current Bay Area market, are afraid to sell their property before securing the proper replacement. To help them move out in a safe and convenient way, our team partners with you to find your client the perfect temporary rental in San Francisco, furnished or unfurnished, long or short-term commitment. Then, we help them move out quickly, so you can easily get their home ready and sell it for top price.

Once your client is ready to buy, you would be the one to find them a new home, thus generating double the deals for your business.

Brokers love our Bridge Leasing service because they:

  • Generate more business
  • Expedite the selling process
  • Delight clients with a full-service offering
  • Place clients in ideal San Francisco rentals without lifting a finger
  • Raise their reputation as an all-around real estate expert
Bridge Leasing Service
Bridge Leasing vs Bridge Loan

Bridge Leasing vs Bridge Loan

The Bridge Loan service offered by Compass is a great way to help your clients buy a new property without selling the old one. But what if your clients aren’t ready to buy a new home? We’ve worked with top Bay Area real estate agents to provide the Bridge Leasing Service that helps them quickly find a temporary rental so they can sell the property and buy a new one in the future.

The Bridge Leasing service includes:

  • Intake conversation to understand your clients’ wishlist
  • Property search and tour arrangement
  • Targeted property tours within designated areas
  • Advisory on pros and cons of each property
  • Assistance with lease negotiation, terms and questions

Additional Services

Top producing real estate agents often rely on us to help their clients make the most educated decisions when it comes to buying, selling or investing in a property. We can help you offer a complete service to your clients by performing the following services:

  • Rental valuation for your sale listings
  • Rental valuation for your buyers' investment property 
  • Advice for clients considering sell vs rent options
  • Home finding services for clients relocating to SF Bay Area and not ready to buy

We believe that selling a home shouldn’t be hard for you or your client. Want our help moving the process along and generating more business?

Additional Services