What Differentiates a Good Leasing Agent from an Excellent Leasing Agent

What Differentiates a Good Leasing Agent from an Excellent Leasing Agent

A leasing agent is more than a tour guide for your property. The primary function of a leasing agent is to work with home owners and investors to find tenants for their properties. That doesn’t mean their role ends there. The most desirable leasing agent has a background of a traditional agent compounded with the unique skills specific to optimizing the potential of your property in the dynamic Bay Area rental market.


Good Leasing Agent vs. Excellent Leasing Agent

A good leasing agent will:

  1. Help you understand the value of your property and provide an overview from an investment perspective.
  2. Create a custom marketing plan with your ideal tenant in mind.
  3. Survey the property in-depth to understand what it offers tenants.
  4. Show the property and provides a comprehensive review of potential tenants.
  5. Finalize the details with your new tenants providing support for all parties involved.

An excellent leasing agent does ALL of the above, PLUS:

  1. Has a strong educational background.
  2. Has extensive experience in real estate investment.
  3. Markets your property directly to their strong and vast network of relocation consultants.
  4. Uses sophisticated marketing tools that go beyond traditional posting on Craigslist & Zillow.
  5. Utilizes a reliable and vetted collection of skilled professionals such as painters, cleaners, hardwood floor specialists and any trade that may be necessary to prepare a place for lease.


If you or your client have a rental property, find a leasing agent with unsurpassed experience and an innate energy that parallels yours for an optimal relationship that supports your rental needs.  The small details that make a big difference.